Tell the Children: Values Build Character is available in two formats: Book with stories only (yellow cover); and, the expanded version with thought-provoking Character Builder Calls to Action” for adults, teens and kids plus “Cultural Challenges,” which help your children with geography and interesting cultural facts, at the end of each chapter (red cover).



In Tell the Children, the  author takes you around the world on a fascinating journey of discovery. You’ll meet an extraordinary cast of mentors (the “others”) who teach values in  a way that you and your children will find impossible to forget.

Equally enjoyable and educational  for adults and school-age children, the book provides an opportunity to absorb and share important lessons.

Experience personal growth.

Which of the book’s stories or  mentors will lead to your “Aha!” moment when you come to the realization that you are one of “The Children”?

Additionally,  “3 chapter” versions of the lessons/stories are available in an easy to read (larger print, 8 1/2″ x 11″) saddle-stitched format. These “Volumes” typically run from 35 to 45 pages, as opposed to the expanded version’s 382 pages. Currently available in print copy are Volume 1, which includes the stories about Ambition, Inner Beauty and Courage and introduces Alicia, Bradford and Carlos, and Volume 2, which includes stories about Dependability, Enthusiasm and Fairness and introduces Dag, the dependable doctor from Denmark, Eshe, the energetic, enthusiastic Egyptologist fromEgypt and Faith, the female French chef from French Polynesia.

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FAQ’s about the book

Answers to “Cultural Challenges” from the book