Meet the Cast

The cast comes from all over the world!

Come inside Tell the Children to meet…

Alicia, the ambitious athlete from Argentina

Bradford, the blind bricklayer from Barbados and Brooklyn

Carlos, the courageous child from Chile

Dag, the dependable doctor from Denmark

Eshe, the enthusiastic, energetic Egyptologist from Egypt

Faith, the female French chef from French Polynesia

Georgia, the generous olive and grape grower from Greece

Hanalani, the honest historian from Hawaii

Indira, the imaginative inventor from India

Junichi, the honorable judge of “character” from Japan

Kagunda, the legendary “Keeper” from Kenya

Leisel, the “Lioness” lawyer from Liechtenstein

Maria, the master motivator from Mexico

Neal, the always-neat naturalist from New Zealand

Ollie, the optimistic optometrist from Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Pedro, the painting policeman from Panama

Quinn, the quintessential quality control expert from Quebec

Raina, the respectful railroad engineer from Russia

Sadiki, the spiritual scientist from South Africa

Tahira, the always thankful tourist guide from Turkey

Ulric, the beautifully unattractive underground miner from the United Kingdom

Vy, the virtuoso violinist from Vietnam

Waleria, the everyday wife turned welder (and more)  from Warsaw

Xiaoling, one of the extraordinary twin sisters of Xian, China

Yakov, the inspirational youth guide from Yugoslavia

Zuka, the ‘Big Brother’ zoologist from Zimbabwe

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