Guidelines for Submission

Thank you.

As parents, grandparents, and others concerned about our childrens’ futures, we appreciate you adding to our library. In order for your story to be considered for inclusion on the site, please pay careful attention to our guidelines:



1) Identify the primary value addressed by your story, even if it is a value not yet highlighted.

2) Provide your name and contact information, so that we may contact you with any questions/clarifications or proposed edits.

3) Clearly state that you are granting permission for use of your submission.

4) Do NOT use real names of characters unless the story is already in the public domain.

5) Attach any pictures/images you’d like to be included in your story with your email submission to .

6) If you wish your story be be labeled “anonymous,” please so indicate.


Your story:

1) Can be up to 2500 words in length.

2) Should include a main character, which should be “developed” in a way that is memorable. The book (Tell the Children) takes advantage of alliteration¬†and includes geographic and historical references, for example.

3) Must never include language or subject matter that could be deemed to be objectionable.