The Character Compass

When your children finish each of the first 26 stories, they will be able to easily recall the “values statement” associated with the letter of the alphabet/story. Your children will also remember the unique characters they met in the stories and they will be able to identify each character with his or her value. For example, when you say, “Carlos,” they’ll reply by reminding you that he was the courageous child from Chile whose values statement is, “Remember, your courage store is always open.”

Here are the values statements that identify “points” on your child’s moral or character compass:


Be ambitious; set goals; dream of a better tomorrow.

Find the beauty in all you see so you can build something beautiful that will outlast you.

Remember, your courage store is always open.

Become the one others can depend on.

Show enthusiasm—it will delight your friends, excite total strangers and confuse your enemies.

Some things in life may not seem fair to you, but be fair in all that you do!

Give generously. When you give with love, you can never give it all away.

Put a premium on honesty. The best thing someone can think and say about you is that you are honest.

A fantastic world lives within your imagination—visit it often.

Use good judgment in all that you do, but never judge people because they look different than you.

Knowledge has the power to set you free. Learn something new—daily.

Leadership is your chance to serve others. Lead thoughtfully.

Your success in life depends on your motivation. Do what motivates you.

Neatness counts. Be tidy in your mind, in your dealings, in the way you care for and present yourself.

Thinking optimistically will lead you to positive results. Smiling helps.

If you pursue something worth believing in, don’t quit when the going gets tough. Persevere.

Set your standards high—always give and expect quality.

Respect others if you want them to respect you.

Get in touch with your spirit. You did not create the universe. Devote some time to figuring out who did.

Look for reasons to say thank you. It makes both you and those you say it to feel better!

You are unique. Show the world the best of who you are.

It takes a variety of values to create the points on your moral compass—follow them.

Approach each day with a sense of wonder, and you’ll never be disappointed.

Anybody can be ordinary; go for extraordinary.

No one ever talks about the exuberance of old. Acting youthfully is the best way to stay that way.

More than sight, sound, smell, taste or feel, people can sense when you have zeal—so, bring it!


The values statements are taken from the book:



© James M. Penny