Welcome to the Website built around the book, Tell the Children: Values Build Character. This is an interactive site where you can learn, post your own comments and contribute stories to be shared with others who are equally interested in adding to our “values” library. Soon, you’ll be able to purchase books directly from the site.

If your stories or comments are tied to any one of the specific values in the book, please select the “Values” tab and navigate (alphabetically) to the page dedicated to that value. A “suggested values” icon is also provided so that you may contribute your stories about values not covered in the book. At Life of Values Press, we will review your suggestions and add new values as appropriate.

If you have a story to contribute, but don’t feel that your writing skills are adequate, don’t worry. Simply email your idea to suggestions@lifeofvalues.com and you will be contacted. You will always be recognized as the “author” or “contributor.”

Feel free to make your way around the site–it’s here for you and your child. Come back often, and share your stories!

For information on how to schedule Jim Penny for speaking or reading engagements and book signings, please email requests@lifeofvalues.com.




Thank you for making a difference!